Carrying out a client review at least annually is a mandatory requirement for MiFID II regulated products and is considered best practice across the industry. A review provides an opportunity for advisers to reassess previous recommendations against clients’ current circumstances and review the performance of investments.

The output generated by Rapid Reviewer will show fund performance of an existing portfolio in comparison with other funds taking into account retrospective charges. It will expose poor performing as well as highlight the best performing funds.

Collating the necessary data and investment performance information for a client review is a complex and time-consuming task. The new tool will expedite the collation and analysis of investment performance data, something that has proved particularly frustrating for advisers

Rapid Reviewer includes a unique bulk upload feature which means it not only provides one-off reviews for individual clients but can also produce multiple client reviews with minimal data entry, in minutes.

Andy McCabe, Managing Director at Selectapension said “Judging from our customer feedback, the most frustrating part of producing a client review is the time taken to gather data from providers, and then adapt it into a standard format for analysis. Rapid Reviewer solves this problem by enabling advisers to save time compiling investment information to make comparisons and demonstrate suitability.”

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