Autumn Changes

Ready for DB changes? We are!

From 1st October we will be making immediate changes in response to the FCAs’ Policy Statement PS20/6. In addition we will soon be including the following new features to the Defined Benefit Tool:

• Inclusion of Suitability Report Summary which will allow for a comparison to both a workplace pension and any defined contribution scheme

• Ability for users to create their own workplace pension plans

• Option to create an Abridged Advice Report

LTA across all tools

Lifetime Allowance is already available in our Defined Benefit and Retirement Planner Tools. We will be making this reporting functionality available across all our Pension tools including Pension Switching, New Pension Projections and Cashflow & Drawdown.

New Portfolio Comparison tool

Selectapension’s new Portfolio Comparison Tool will allow the user to easily show customer’s fund portfolios side by side, including past performance and benchmarks. Portfolios are stored against the client and can be used in our Pension, Investment and Cashflow tools.

You can already upload your own portfolios directly from Excel into the system and make them available on all tools. This also incorporates our Fund Research functionality so you can create your own portfolios from our database.

Think this is good, wait for our announcement next month!