Note from the MD


With the current Ukraine crisis escalating, some investors are obviously disconcerted about falling markets worldwide. With commodities hitting record levels and crude oil prices increasing daily, thus making imports / exports of raw materials more expensive.  The uncertainty in investment markets means investment returns potentially being hit one way or another, depending on how and where money is invested.

We should be mindful of this changing landscape and reviewing our portfolios on a constant basis may be the solution to help smooth out returns and reduce our exposure to weaker markets. Historically, geopolitical events have shown to have a very short term effect on the markets, however, this is dependent on a lot of factors, not least the length of time the Ukraine crisis goes on.

Quote & Apply

Easy as 1-2-3, simply 'quote and apply'!

The most straightforward and streamlined service that will change the way you work forever, in partnership with Aegon.

Users will be able to obtain live illustrations by clicking through to the Provider’s Platform directly from the results screen of Selectapension, with the illustration and any subsequent online application form being pre-populated.


Time is money and we at Selectapension want to save you both.

Did you know Selectapension offers various back-office integrations which means you don’t need to key-in the data twice and you are only a few clicks away from generating a report for your clients. The system is secure and has an audit trail for when you need it. This ensures you have reduced duplication effort leading to a better customer service.

Our Current integrations include: Adviser Office, Assureweb, Intelliflo and True Potential.

IRESS Xplan and Time4Advice integrations will be live shortly.

Human vs Robot

Does your support speak in code?

Our support team are real human beings and not some pinball answering services. In fact, we won the Financial Times 5 Star Award in the Back Office & Support Services category in 2021.


DAN CHEESEMAN - Head of Sales

This comprehensive and unique tool provides Cashflow Modelling, Drawdown Analysis, and Stress Tests in one streamlined package.

This tool includes critical yields, the ability to build and maintain fund portfolios, compare existing fund performance vs new fund performance, and filter by features & financial strength.

2 Million Cases

Selectapension celebrates a new milestone. On 2nd March 2022 we completed over 2 million
cases since the inception of Selectapension which we are very proud of.

Pension Switching


Retirement Planning


New Pension Projections


TVA - Defined Benefits


Retirement Income Strategies


New Investment


A Successful Year

During the year of 2021, Selectapension saw over £18b of assets analysed across the 59 providers we have listed.
Listed below are the Top 5 selected Providers for each module. Please note that the ranking is based on the value analysed to the Provider.

Pension Switching

1. Aviva (£1b+)
2. Royal London (£600m+)
3. Transact (£600m+)
4. A J Bell (£400m+)
5. Aegon Retirement Choices (£300m+)

Defined Benefit

1. Aegon Retirement Choices (£2b+)
2. True Potential (£1.5b+)
3. Royal London (£700m+)
4. A J Bell (£500m+)
5. Aviva (£400m+)

New Pension Projections

1. Royal London (£72m+)
2. Aviva (£72m+)
3. A J Bell Investcentre (£31m+)
4. Transact (£29m+)
5. Standard Life (£26m+)


1. A J Bell Investcentre (£36m+)
2. Aviva (£25m+)
3. James Hay Partnership (£22m+)
4. Royal London (£22m+)
5. Aegon Retirement Choices (£15m+)

Investment Switching

1. Avivia (£14m+)
2. Elevate,Part of Standard Life (£10m+)
3. Fidelity (FundsNetwork) (£9m+)
4. Aegon Retirement Choices (£7m+)
5. Transact (£6m+)