Both versions give a more flexible and comprehensive way to model different retirement income scenarios, taking into account all pensions, assets and savings.

The Income Modeller:

  • Includes State Pension and additional guaranteed income sources such as annuities and other pensions.
  • Evaluates whether other asset sources, such as ISAs, collectives, and bonds, could provide the target income, and allows users to prioritise.
  • Includes different tax applications and implications within the analysis.
  • Demonstrates assets progression over time.
  • Meets best practice recommendations regarding retirement planning.
  • Makes an income comparison between an existing DB scheme versus other alternative arrangements*.
  • Includes flexible shortfall analysis**.

*Defined Benefit version

**Income Drawdown & Annuity version

The Defined Benefit version also enables Advisers to demonstrate clearly whether the client could achieve their goals using their other pensions, savings and assets without losing the guarantees of a Defined Benefit pension.

Sample reports are available to download on the Income Drawdown & Annuity and Defined Benefit TVAS product pages.

Andy McCabe, Managing Director says “ We recognise that retirement planning is an increasingly complex area. There are concerns in the market about the rise in Defined Benefit transfers, especially when many people have other accessible pensions and savings at their fingertips.  The new Income Modeller will give Advisers the tools to demonstrate whether there is a simpler and more straightforward way for their client to achieve their goals, without losing the many benefits provided with a Defined Benefit pension.”