Selectapension has been busy working on some major new developments and improvements for 2020.

Cashflow Modelling Launch

First up, we will be launching a new fully comprehensive cashflow modelling feature, including specific product and fund charges. This will be available on both our Defined Benefit Transfer and Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies tools (formerly Drawdown & Annuity Suite).

Cashflow modelling is used increasingly by financial advice firms to help their clients understand the impact of their decisions on their finances and answer questions such as “Can I afford to retire early?”, “Will I still be able to fund retirement if there is a market crash?” or “Should I gift money to my children now?”    Cashflow modelling illustrates the consequences of particular conditions and decisions.

Selectapension has created a cashflow modelling tool which includes household income and expenditure over time and stress testing.  Users will be able to create a generic analysis or extend to include products, funds, fees and charges. The new feature will come as standard on both tools. No additional subscription is required.

Drawdown & Annuity Suite – Name Change

To better reflect it’s new functionality,  we will be renaming our “Drawdown & Annuity Suite” as “Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies” very shortly. Current subscribers will be able to take advantage of the new functionality at no additional cost.

Lifetime Limit

This functionality, which exists on our Defined Benefit Transfer tool will be extended to our Pension Switching and Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies tools, meaning tax liabilities can be illustrated in the analysis if necessary.

Extending iO Back Office Integration

Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies will fully integrate with iO Back Office, saving time on rekeying and taking your reports back to your client’s file.

New Across All Tools

Fund Portfolio Comparison

This new feature will allow users to create a Fund Portfolio comparison, showing the past performance of multiple portfolios.

Bespoke Fund with Past Performance and Assets

This enhancement will allow the user to replicate past performance for a fund or portfolio and will be added to the other funds’ past performance graph in the report, for easy comparison.

We will be delighted to demonstrate the new features and functionality as soon as they become available.