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Pension Monster


Pension Monster is a new online retirement guidance tool for consumers and enables Advisers to provide a cost effective service for those clients with smaller pension provisions or less complex needs.

Pension Monster aims to help people better understand their retirement options and how much more they may need to save to provide for the retirement they want. The tool is free to use at

Who is it for?

Pension Monster is ideal for people who have smaller pension pots and less complex retirement needs. A user answers some simple questions which gives them tailored information about their retirement options and shortfall analysis, as well as some product suggestions. They can then print or email the report ready for a discussion with an Adviser.

How does it help Advisers?

Pension Monster saves considerable time at the initial fact finding stages of the pension planning process. It costs nothing to use and provides an easy way for Advisers to engage with new clients and understand their current financial position and retirement goals.

Pension Monster allows Advisers to determine the most appropriate service to offer their client, for example a transactional service or face to face meeting.

The powerful Link & Track service means an Adviser can monitor when a report has been completed, indicating the client may be ready for further discussions.

If required, for a small annual charge, the system can be tailored to include an Adviser’s company logo and/or preferred products panel.

Visit the Pension Monster website or email for more information

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