Portfolio Comparison

We are delighted to offer a brand-new feature to complement our award-winning tool set. Introducing Portfolio Comparison.


  • Quick, concise client facing reports showing portfolio information
  • Compare multiple portfolios side by side (up to 3)
  • Past performance shown over your required term and all portfolios
  • Review performance on screen with a Benchmark included on screen
  • Include Morningstar Fund factsheets and X-Rays if required
  • Include data points such as Alpha/Beta/Sharpe ratios on screen and in the report
  • Produce Asset allocation charts and Geographical region coverage for the report
  • Any portfolios added can be used across all tools, via the upload or fund research option
  • All data is available on screen and in the report

Fund Research tool allows you to research over 70,000 Pension and Investment Funds at any one time.

This essential tool illustrates which available funds meet your individual specified criteria, choosing from:

  • Fund Performance
  • Morningstar and OBSR Analyst Rating
  • Fund Risk Rating
  • Fund Size and Charge
  • Fund Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Management
  • Fund Attributes including:
    • Fund of Funds – Multimanager Funds
    • Ethical Funds
    • Tracker Funds
    • UCITS Enabled – Funds regulated at European level
    • Environmental Focus
    • ESG Focus – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
    • Sharia Focus
    • ISA Enabled

All subscribers to SELECTAPENSION are automatically given full access to all the enhanced Fund Research available, which may be used as a standalone or integrated tool.

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Portfolio Comparison


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