A time-saving tool which:

  • Provides rapid reviews for individual and multiple clients, multiple investments and group pension arrangements.
  • Allows users to add Bespoke Funds, with any performance data; ideal for those working with restricted investment portfolios.
  • Includes daily data updates containing historic performance information going back 10 years.
  • Allows users to customise the review period, to produce accurate analysis up to and including the previous working day.
  • Demonstrates all costs, contributions and withdrawals associated with the investment review period to help meet MiFID II requirements.
  • Offers iO Store users full integration.

Delivering real value:

  • Reviews and compares the fund performance within Pensions, ISAs, Bonds, GIAs, savings plans, and other investment products.
  • Illustrates the cumulative past performance rates in monetary terms and as percentage growth.
  • Shows relative performance of the existing fund(s) against sectors, inflation RPI/CPI indices and selected Morningstar Indexes.
  • An option to compare existing portfolios with a remodelled portfolio, including past performance, within the same report.
  • Allows users to produce one Client Review Report with multiple plan reviews.


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