Defined Benefit

Defined Benefit


The Selectapension Defined Benefit Transfer Analysis tool allows you to run a comparison, calculating:

  • Critical Yield using all standard revaluation methods
  • Hurdle Rate to show the growth required each year to match the starting pension in the existing scheme assuming no increase in payment, no spouse's pension and no guarantee period
  • PCLS Comparison
  • Death Benefit Comparison
  • PPF Yields and Information
  • Benefit splits according to legislation
  • Remuneration breakdown

Selectapension are continually updating the system to keep in line with the latest assumptions and legislative changes.

  • Indexation with chosen minimum and maximum for benefit revaluation and increase
  • Pre A Day PCLS to be based on new rules if allowed
  • Separate fields for pension & lump sum as at A Day, with the effective value then calculated
  • Spouse's percentage pension to be selected as being pre or post commutation

The Defined Benefit Transfer Analysis tool allows you to present a market wide comparison to your client.

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