Selectapension Limited was founded in 2004 when it launched a simple Pension Switching tool. Additional modules soon followed, including a Pension Transfer Analysis tool,  to meet the demand for other retirement planning tools.

Innovative Pension and Investment Planning

Today, Selectapension’s innovative pension and investment planning system provides highly detailed analysis reports, comparing over 100 products and funds, and over 60 Providers, to be used from the accrual to at-retirement stages of the planning cycle. Our customers are Financial Advisers, Paraplanners, Banks, Providers, Pension Transfer Bureaus, Actuaries, Scheme Trustees, and other Pension Professionals.

The retirement planning market has never been so dynamic thanks to the Pensions Freedoms introduced in 2015. Selectapension has responded by continuously developing our tools and launching new services to support Advisers.

We help professional Advisers to give the best advice to their clients, by equipping them with high quality products and services, backed by great support and training.