Happy Customers

It’s always nice to hear from our customers about their experience, be it positive or negative. Well, this one is definitely a positive and we’re really happy to hear our support has been living up to their reputation.
I must say since subscribing with Selecta Pension. I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of support that is available from you and the team.

I had been using another provider, which I had chosen because it seemed a similar system to yours, however cheaper.

However I found it quite a complicated system to use and when I had problems trying to use it and contacted them for help, I was informed to refer to the videos to guide me through the process which didn’t really help at all.

You just called me at the right time and I gladly accepted a demonstration initially of the Pension Switching Analysis tool. I must say that I found the system really easy to use and have successfully completed my first switching report which I will be submitting via the pre-approval route with my firm.

I am still finding my way around the Investment tools, however was thankful for the teams meeting that we had this morning to guide me.

I would gladly recommend you to my colleagues.
Financial Adviser


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