The  Defined Benefit Transfer analysis tool allows you to run an in-depth comparison as part of your APTA for your clients, using up to date FCA assumptions providing:
  • Single and joint life critical yields.
  • Death Benefit comparison.
  • Hurdle Rate.
  • PPF Yields including death benefits and Long Service Cap.
  • Option to build and maintain fund portfolios.
  • Ability to filter by features and financial strength.
  • Income modelling enables you to compare an existing Defined Benefit scheme with other alternative arrangements, including State Pension, bonds, ISAs, collectives, annuities and other pensions and assets.
  • Transfer Value Comparator (TVC) analysis.
  • Lifetime Allowance calculator.


  • Complies with PS18/6 mandates & COBS 19.1.3A.
  • Option to print as a stand alone report or within main analysis report.


  • Enables an income comparison between an existing DB scheme and other alternative arrangements.
  • Includes State Pension, bonds, ISAs, collectives, annuities, and other guaranteed income sources and assets.
  • Gives an option to specify the encashment order of funds to meet the target income.
  • Allows different specified growth rates to be applied to different assets.
  • Critical yield analysis giving the growth required to achieve the target income, and the option to specify an alternative target income.
  • Demonstrates income returns over time


  • Users are able to model scheme comparisons and critical yields taking into account Lifetime Allowance.
  • Calculates the notional value of the occupational scheme using a multiplying factor of 20 (as per HMRC rules).
  • Compares to the Lifetime Allowance to determine if there has been a breach. Client report will always have Lifetime Allowance information regardless of whether there is a breach or not.
  • Selectapension system increases the Lifetime Allowance each year by the rise in the CPI as set out by the regulator.

Full training and ongoing telephone support are included with this subscription.We have a range of DFM strategies and model portfolios to select.

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Defined Benefit Transfer